Nulli hac sapo - Paul Nicholas and Soul-Chaplain
For no light matter is at stake; the question concerns the very manner in which human life is to be lived.
The most serious conflicts of the next thousand years will probably be biological battles fought between conflicting views of what a human being should be.
Freeman Dyson
 Our need for humaneness 

Co-creating meaning since 2001

"The progress of  science is destined to bring enormous confusion and misery to mankind unless it is accompanied by progress in ethics."
Freeman Dyson
Mais, ou sont les neiges d'antan?
Francois Villon
Our Need to Change Leadership and Learning
"Afforded extraordinary access to...a widening array of professional groups, we have been struck by how frequently...leaders are in the grip of a similar big problem, thanks to a limited conception of leadership and learning that is the unwitting heir of the information age. 
We are already the most overinformed, underreflective people in the history of civilization. We already have a 24-hour news cycle, Internet newspapers, and continuous information about the day-to-day unfoldings of civic proceedings thousands of miles from our homes. A better-informed people is not necessarily a better-educated people...Is it possible the 21st century needs a new kind of learning and a new kind of leadership? Perhaps the new age will focus not just on the buildup of more knowledge but also on the fashioning of new relationships to the knowledge we already have. Perhaps we will learn to welcome and engage not merely our commitments to bring heaven to earth, but also the competing commitments we have to keep hell off earth.
Perhaps we need leaders who are able both to start processes of learning and to diagnose and disturb already existing processes that prevent learning and change, the active, ongoing immune systems at work in every individual and organization."
Robert Kegan and Linda Laskow Lahey
in "How the Way We Talk Can Change the Way We Work"
"We need...language adequate to the times we live in. We need to see how we live now and we can only see with words and images which leave us no escape into nostalgia for some other time and place.
 We need words to keep us human. Being human is an accomplishment like playing an instrument. It takes is a skill which we can forget.
Our needs are made of words; they come to us in speech and they can die for lack of expression. Without a public language to help us find our own words, our needs will dry up in silence.
Without a language adequate to this moment we risk losing ourselves in resignation...without the light of language, we risk becoming strangers to our better selves."
Michael Ignatieff, "The Needs of Strangers"

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