Nulli hac sapo - Paul Nicholas and Soul-Chaplain
For no light matter is at stake; the question concerns the very manner in which human life is to be lived.

 "The moment an idea has meaning for you - that is, it suddenly 'makes sense' to you - it becomes yours, a part of what you are. At that moment you literally rewire your brain and change who you are. Seek out the best ideas and make them part of you."
Paul Nicholas 

Learning Conversations 
 Co-creating meaning since 2001 

We learn most effectively when we talk things through and learning conversations are how we ultimately make meaning of our experiences. In learning conversations we articulate not only our thoughts, but also our feelings and perspectives.
True conversation is transformational.

"I have long tormented my brain with thinking and pondering, day and night, but your kind eyes have brought me to a decision"
Heinrich Heine

1. What do we do? Help people and organizations learn, think and develop differently

2. How? By providing structured, personalised and contextualised opportunities for individuals and groups to analyse, learn about, articulate and develop their professional thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

3. What techniques do we use? We compose and facilitate highly developmental learning conversations. Design of these exploits neuroscience, but the style of interaction is influenced by person-centred counselling and psychotherapy.

4. What does success look like?  Clients regularly describe this as the most focused and transformative professional development they have experienced, and every participant enjoys a unique learning journey.

5. What's in it for participants? Innovative and transformative professional development - participation changes how people think and feel and improves individual, team and organization performance.
Participants learn transferrable development skills - materials and techniques are designed so that participants will continue to use them for their own development and that of their team or organization. As such they constitute the first designed truly Continuing Professional Development system.

You may not be interested in neuroscience, but neuroscience is interested in you

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