Nulli hac sapo - Paul Nicholas and Soul-Chaplain
For no light matter is at stake; the question concerns the very manner in which human lfe is to be lived.
"Euterpy derives naturally and spontaneously from flow - when an interacting group are in a flow state they function well, they know they are functioning well, and they feel good about themselves and each other. Flow is part of the emotional foundation of community"
Paul Nicholas
Euterpy and the emotional foundations of community

Co-creating meaning since 2001    
The moment an idea has meaning for you - that is, it suddenly 'makes sense' to you - it becomes yours, a part of what you are
Paul Nicholas
"Euterpy - the ability to make other people feel good about themselves; in leadership, the quality of making followers feel respected, valued and positive about themselves, their work and their organization"
National Leadership College, UK


If our ideas make sense to you - make them yours.
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