Nulli hac sapo - Paul Nicholas and Soul-Chaplain
For no light matter is at stake; the question concerns the very manner in which human life is to be lived.
"Psychoanalysis is in essence a cure through love"
Freud, in a letter to Jung
"If only we pretend long enough to act decently, even for indecent motives, we become decent as a matter of course"
Matthijs van Boxsel
Human interaction as the uploading and downloading of emotional information

Co-creating meaning since 2001    
"The decoding of emotional information - and the subsequent integration of this information into choices of behaviour appropriate to particular contexts - is an integral part of everyday human behaviour"
Mark Baxter and Paula Croxton
"Selling is essentially a transference of feeling"
Zig Ziglar
Rethinking Interaction
  1. We are all, from our first moments of existence to our last, principally feeling and emotional beings; we are, above all else, what we feel.
  2. Our perceptions of and interactions with our environment are mediated and interpreted through our feelings - and nothing happens to us without us having a feeling about it.
  3. The most significant elements of our environment are other people, and our most significant interactions are with those people - these interactions are overwhelmingly emotion and feeling driven and dependent.
  4. All interactions between people involve conscious and unconscious exchanges of information about their emotional states and feelings.
  5. In other words all human interactions involve the downloading (i.e. display) and uploading (i.e. perception and interpretation) of signals and information about respective emotional states and feelings.
"Childhood and growth end when we stop asking 'Why?'"
Paul Nicholas


 You may not be interested in neuroscience, but neuroscience is interested in you

"We are born with wings - so why do we crawl through life"
Jalal ad-Din Rumi

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