Nulli hac sapo - Paul Nicholas and Soul-Chaplain
For no light matter is at stake; the question concerns the very manner in which human lfe is to be lived.
Our highly educated, technocratic, specialized elites...are caught in structures which require of them courtier-like behaviours
John Ralston Saul
The Cult of the Professional
and the lock-down of creative thinking
Co-creating meaning since 2001 
The moment an idea has meaning for you - that is, it suddenly 'makes sense' to you - it becomes yours, a part of what you are
Paul Nicholas
'Professionalism' as a cult
Shaw said unreasonable people change the world, the reasonable keep it as it is. I'll go further and say that it is amateurs who change the world - that is, people who do things for the love of it - professionals are paid to keep things as they are. 
Modern life has become too reasonable and too professional - humanity's best hopes rest with the passion and imagination of unreasonable amateurs.
Paul Nicholas
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